Top 5 BEST cocktail bars in Limerick you NEED to visit before you die (2023)

If you’re partial to a cosmopolitan or fancy an espresso martini or two, we’ve got the perfect guide for you.

Top 5 BEST cocktail bars in Limerick you NEED to visit before you die (1)

There’s nothing that screams luxury like sipping on a cocktail in a swanky bar. So, with that in mind, here are the best cocktail bars in Limerick you need to visit.

Over the last number of years in Ireland, cocktails have become increasingly popular, with cocktail bars popping up everywhere. Nearly every bar has a cocktail menu now, with a variety of options for all tastes. You could nearly get a strawberry daiquiri in your local… if you asked nicely.

Limerick is known for many things, such as the home of Munster rugby, the Treaty Stone, and the birthplace of the worldwide famous rock band The Cranberries. However, did you know the city has some fantastic cocktail bars, too?

If you’re looking for somewhere new to head this cocktail night, we have found five cocktail bars in Limerick you need to visit before you die.

5. The Bath Club at Bobby Byrnes – fancy a dip?

Top 5 BEST cocktail bars in Limerick you NEED to visit before you die (2)

Move over beer gardens; it’s time for cocktail gardens. Bobby Byrnes (or Bobbys as it’s lovingly known by locals) is one of Limerick’s longest established and well-known pubs.

They have recently added a new feature to their cosy pub that offers an unforgettable cocktail experience. The Bath Club is a newly refurbished cocktail garden located at the back of the pub that brings its own vibrant and fun energy, making it the perfect spot for a cocktail with friends.

It’s not called The Bath Club for nothing either. Along with all the regular cocktails, you cannot visit without trying their signature cocktails: the Blue Lagoon Bathtub and the Lough Ness Monster in a Tub (yes, you do get a rubber duckie in the tub).

These are by far the most creative craft cocktails we have ever come across. Drinks from this cocktail bar range between €11 and €12.

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Their iconic Lough Ness Monster will set you back €15, but it is recommended for two people. So, you can enjoy sipping from a tub while sitting in the tub at one of the best cocktail bars in Limerick.

Address: 1 – 3 O’Connell Ave, Limerick, V94 CD73, Ireland

4. The Red Hen – a Soho moment

Top 5 BEST cocktail bars in Limerick you NEED to visit before you die (3)

If you’re looking for a lively spot with great music and a wide variety of mouth-watering cocktails, look no further than The Red Hen. Step inside the doors and be transported to a trendy Manhattan late-night bar.

From the suave decor to the vintage-styled furniture (very comfy couches, might we add), it’s one of the hottest spots in Limerick City Centre. With three floors to choose from and an outdoor area, it’s hard to find a bad place to sip on cocktails here.

Speaking of cocktails, if you think the interior of this place sounds impressive, wait until you try the product. Their range of delicious cocktails would convert any pint-drinker. Our recommendation is the house cocktail, The Red Hen.

Prices range between €10 to 12 but make sure you avail of their deals such as ‘Gin Thursday’ when all gins are €5. Then, on Fridays between 5 pm and 9 pm, all cocktails are only €8 (five Red Hens, please).

Boasting almost a decade of success, you can bet a night out in the Hen is guaranteed to be a good one.

Address: 15 Patrick St, Limerick, V94 Y6C7, Ireland

3. House Limerick – for a touch of class

Top 5 BEST cocktail bars in Limerick you NEED to visit before you die (4)

Along the River Shannon, you’ll find House, a sophisticated and uber glamorous space to indulge in some of the best cocktails and most spectacular views Limerick has to offer.

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House’s modern take on a speakeasy bar provides an elegant yet fun ambience. The service is second to none, so you can expect warm hospitality and a welcoming atmosphere.

You aren’t in the door for a moment, and the hosts have already offered you a menu, taken your order, or led you to a seat. The atmosphere resembles a party from the roaring 20s.

The only stressful thing about your night will be choosing between their wide variety of stunning cocktails. Our recommendation is the Cloud Nine. If you’re a fan of candy floss, you’ll want to try this. We’re getting thirsty just thinking about it.

Cocktails on the drinks menu range between €11 and €13. Make sure to visit their famous powder room downstairs to get the perfect Instagram shot at this craft cocktail bar.

After that, you may as well pop into their nightclub, Amber, which is in the basement where you can dance the night away. We think you’ll really feel at home in House, one of the best cocktail bars in Limerick.

Address: Howley’s Quay, Limerick, Ireland

2. 1314 – rugby, but make it fancy

Top 5 BEST cocktail bars in Limerick you NEED to visit before you die (5)

What do you get when you combine rugby and cocktails together? One of Limerick’s most popular cocktail hangouts, 1314.

At the back of Jerry Flannery’s Bar, one of Limerick’s best-known pubs and the place to be for any sporting match (especially rugby), you’ll find your way to the hub of activity in 1314.

With live music and DJs every weekend, this spot is a great mix of a nightclub and late-night bar. As one of the most vibrant music venues in Limerick City Centre, this is a must for music lovers.

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There are plenty of nice spaces to sit down, rest your feet, and enjoy a drink or a cocktail. 1314 has a unique variety of options on offer, making this a firm favourite among locals. Our favourites include the Poitin & Blackberry Sour (yes, we said poitin) and Berri Red.

Most cocktails are priced at €10.50 and €11. This is the ideal spot for spicing up an evening after enjoying a match in Jerry Flannery’s or a night out with some friends accompanied by one (or a few) cocktails from the memorable menu.

Address: 20 Catherine St, Limerick, V94 X751, Ireland

1. 101 – a cocktail lover’s playground and one of the best cocktail bars in Limerick

Top 5 BEST cocktail bars in Limerick you NEED to visit before you die (6)

On Limerick’s main street, O’Connell Street, lies one of the coolest bars in town, 101. We could give you 101 reasons to come here, but we’ll keep it short and sweet.

There are endless rooms to explore in this cocktail haven, including the yard, the piano bar, the potting shed, and, our favourite, the secret garden in the penthouse section of the building.

You’ll be spoilt for the choice of where to sit, never mind trying to select a cocktail. If you love sampling different cocktails, 101 is the place for you. Our recommendation has to be the Mama’s Jam.

Their menu is bursting with many flavoursome cocktails to try, ranging from €12 to €14. If you go with a group of friends, we suggest you order a tree of your favourite cocktails to feel extra boujee.

The dedicated staff here ensure you will be greeted with impeccable service and a warm atmosphere. As the night goes on and those cocktails are starting to kick in, you can go down to Opium to have a boogie.

Address: 101 O’Connell St, Limerick, V94 PX2K

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Other notable mentions

Top 5 BEST cocktail bars in Limerick you NEED to visit before you die (7)

Pharmacia: Known for creamy pints, tasty cocktails, and unforgettable live music, we highly recommend visiting Pharmacia while in Limerick.

The Savoy Bar: Located in the famous Savoy Hotel in the city centre, The Savoy Bar offers a buzzing 1920s feel and a relaxed atmosphere. Oh, and did we mention great drinks?

Charlie Chaplin’s: The perfect blend of local Irish pub culture and modern nightlife appeal, Charlie Chaplin’s is undoubtedly one of the best cocktail bars in Limerick.

The Old Quarter: Established in 1995, The Old Quarter boasts over 25 years of experience serving the people of Limerick City. Known for its great food, drink, and music, you can’t miss a visit here.

Dolan’s Pub and Restaurant: Offering a modern twist on the traditional Irish pub, Dolan’s Pub and Restaurant offers delicious Irish cuisine, approachable staff, live music, and, of course, great drinks. A mainstay on the Limerick music, drinks, and food scene, this is one not to miss.

FAQs about Limerick city

What is Limerick city known as?

Limerick City is known as the Treaty City, so-called after the Treaty Stone.

Is Limerick city safe?

The same precautions should be taken in Limerick as in any other Irish city. However, Limerick is, in general, a safe place to visit.

Are there any castles in Limerick city?

Yes, King John’s Castle is a must-visit while in Limerick.


Top 5 BEST cocktail bars in Limerick you NEED to visit before you die? ›

Limerick Lace is considered to be one of Limerick's most famous exports and one of Ireland's most famous art industries. Limerick Lace was brought to Limerick in 1829, by English businessman Charles Walker, who brought 24 ladies from Nottingham to teach the skilful craft to the women of Limerick.

What is Limerick famous for? ›

Limerick Lace is considered to be one of Limerick's most famous exports and one of Ireland's most famous art industries. Limerick Lace was brought to Limerick in 1829, by English businessman Charles Walker, who brought 24 ladies from Nottingham to teach the skilful craft to the women of Limerick.

What is the most popular bar night? ›

Thanksgiving Eve

Also called Black Wednesday, it's widely known as the busiest bar night of the year, due to the influx of out-of-towners and the start of a four-day weekend.

Is Limerick a good night out? ›

No visit to Limerick City would be complete without a trip to one of its many watering holes. Being a student town, Limerick enjoys a vibrant nightlife, catering to the young as well as the young at heart.

What is the number 1 cocktail? ›

But, many bar-goers simply ordered a cocktail 'the old fashioned way'. Even today the Old Fashioned has been the number one selling cocktail in many bars. You just can't beat a classic!

What is the number one best bar? ›

World's 50 Best Bars 2022: Barcelona bar No 1, Singapore takes top spot in Asia – which two Hong Kong bars made the list?

What is the number one bar night in America? ›

Tip Your Bartender Like It Still Is.

What is the rough part of Limerick City? ›

Part of the central area of Limerick city, JOHN'S A (King's Island), is considered to be an extremely disadvantaged area in the country with a Deprivation Index Score of -31.9.

How safe is Limerick at night? ›

It is also believed that small pickpockets prey on drunk visitors in bars. It would be wise not to leave your things unattended and keep track of the amount you have drunk. Even though Limerick is entirely safe even at night, you should be careful in the dimly lit streets after sunset.

What is the best time of year to go to Limerick Ireland? ›

Springtime and autumn are great shoulder seasons to plan your trip to Limerick. Since enjoying a vacation in the midst of peak months and crowded locations isn't everybody's cup of tea, visiting Limerick during the climate-transition months when the tourist crowds are pretty low may just be the best time for you.

What do you call a person from limerick? ›

Limerick — The Treaty County

The name refers to the Treaty of Limerick, 1691 which ended the siege of Limerick. Residents are called the Shannonsiders.

What does limerick mean in Irish? ›

Limerick (Irish: Luimneach from Lom na nEach, meaning "the Bare place of the Horses") is a city and the county seat of County Limerick in the historical province of Munster, in the midwest of Ireland.

What is the oldest known limerick? ›

It's hard to say with absolute certainty, but we have evidence to suggest that Saint Thomas Aquinas (1225-1274) wrote the first limerick sometime in the 13th century. His five-line rhyming verse, penned in medieval Latin, survives in the archives and appears to be the oldest example of this form.

What are the 3 most popular cocktails? ›

Top 10 most popular cocktail recipes
  1. Mojito. A minty mojito is the perfect drink for a hot summer's afternoon. ...
  2. Espresso martini. For coffee lovers everywhere, the espresso martini is the classic coffee flavour cocktail of choice. ...
  3. Pimm's. ...
  4. Passion fruit martini. ...
  5. Piña colada. ...
  6. Frozen strawberry daiquiri. ...
  7. Rum punch. ...
  8. Cosmopolitan.

What is the most alcoholic cocktail ever? ›

Aunt Roberta

Considered to be the strongest cocktail in the world, this drink contains 100% alcohol, with absolutely no mixers whatsoever. Gin, vodka, absinthe, brandy and blackberry liquor are mixed together in equal parts are used to create this lethal mix.

What are the 10 most popular bar drinks? ›

The Top 10 Most Popular Cocktails
  1. Cosmopolitan.
  2. Mojito. ...
  3. Mai Tai. ...
  4. Mint Julep. ...
  5. Caipirinha. ...
  6. Margarita. ...
  7. Pina Colada. ...
  8. Californication. ...
Jun 28, 2022

What are the 6 basic cocktails? ›

Embury's six basic drinks are the Daiquiri, the Jack Rose, the Manhattan, the Martini, the Old Fashioned, and the Sidecar.

What is the best thing to order at a bar? ›

  • Margarita. Getty Images. Cloyingly sweet margarita mixes have given this drink a bad name. ...
  • Cosmopolitan. Getty Images. ...
  • Negroni. Getty Images. ...
  • Moscow Mule. Getty Images. ...
  • Martini. Getty Images. ...
  • Mojito. Getty Images. ...
  • Whiskey Sour. Getty Images. ...
  • French 75. Getty Images.
Feb 8, 2023

What is the oldest bar in the United States? ›

The White Horse Tavern is a National Historic Landmark being America's oldest restaurant, having served guests since 1673. The White Horse Tavern was originally constructed as a two-story, two-room residence for Francis Brinley. It was acquired by William Mayes, Sr. and converted to a tavern.

What is the 3rd best bar in the world? ›

Last year saw London named the drinking capital of the world, with The Connaught Bar titled the best bar on the planet in 2021 (it ranked at number eight this year). Tayēr + Elementary came in second in 2021; Paradiso in Barcelona came third and The Clumsies in Athens ranked fourth.

What is the most drunk day in America? ›

The day before Thanksgiving—known as Blackout Wednesday—is the biggest drinking day of the year in many areas of the United States.

What is the most popular bar drink in America? ›

The Most Popular Cocktails List Nationwide
3Old Fashioned
1 more row

What is the oldest known bar in the world? ›

Sean's Bar, which dates back to the Middle Ages! Also listed in the Guinness Book of Records for the historicity of the building that houses it, Sean's Bar has been recognised as the oldest bar in the world. It is located in Athlon, a small town on the banks of the Shannon River, in the centre of Ireland.

What is the most popular bar day in the year? ›

Biggest drinking days of the year. The top 5 explained
  • Christmas. It is no surprise that alcohol consumption increases during the holidays. ...
  • The Super Bowl. While this is not considered a holiday, it may as well be considering how many people treat it as one. ...
  • Fourth of July. ...
  • New Years Day. ...
  • The day before Thanksgiving.
Nov 22, 2022

How old is the oldest bar? ›

Sean's Bar has been researched thoroughly by the Guinness Book of Records and proudly holds the record for "The Oldest Pub in Ireland" with an official dating of 900AD. Research is ongoing into the title of "The Oldest Pub in the World"; so far, nothing older has been found.

Where to avoid in Limerick? ›

Warnings in Limerick and Other Warnings and Dangers
  • Warnings and Dangers in Limerick. ...
  • Watch Your Back in 'Stab City' ...
  • Stay Clear of Red Light Districts. ...
  • Avoid the Traffic Hassle. ...
  • Avoid Nightclubs and O'Connell Street at Night. ...
  • Avoid Certain Housing Estates in Limerick.
Feb 8, 2017

What is the most expensive area in Limerick? ›

The North Circular Road, which links with the Ennis Road in Limerick, is the most desirable address in the city.

What are the richest parts of Limerick? ›

The Leader has pored through the register to find the top 10 most expensive houses in Limerick in 2021. The usual suspects – Adare, North Circular Road, Ballyclough, Ennis Road, Castletroy, and Castleconnell – are all present.

Can you drink tap water in Limerick? ›

Your water is safe to drink unless you see one of these notices from Uisce Éireann. Know what to do if you receive one.

What is the main religion in Limerick? ›

Religion - Churches, religions, faith groups

The Roman Catholic Church is the largest of them.

Where do the Travellers live in Limerick? ›

Rathkeale in County Limerick has a long established history of Traveller culture and is a town which for generations, Travellers have regarded as their own. Numerically the ratio of settled and Traveller communities in Rathekeale is almost equal at 55% to 45%.

What are the most expensive months to visit Ireland? ›

Top tips for finding cheap flights to Ireland

High season is considered to be July and August. The cheapest month to fly to Ireland is February.

What is the busiest month to visit Ireland? ›

Summer is sunniest, with daylight stretching late into the evening around the solstice. July and August are the brightest months, though they're also the country's busiest. Between November and February, Ireland is dark, cold, and wet — but it can also feel quieter and cozier.

Is it worth going to Limerick Ireland? ›

Limerick is unique; a vibrant city with a warm welcome, complemented by a charming and scenic countryside. There's never been a better time to visit as Limerick offers fantastic value for money with very competitive hotel rates!

What is the most drunk cocktail? ›

The Most Popular Cocktails List Nationwide
3Old Fashioned
1 more row

What are the famous four cocktails? ›

The Famous Four collection is comprised of four of the most iconic cocktails in history: the Martini, Negroni, Manhattan and Old Fashioned.

Which is the king of cocktails? ›

Dry Martini: The King of Cocktails.


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